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Praise for Daniel McCloskey

“Dan McCloskey is one of these new creators whose craft and level of talent increases with each successive page. It’s a pleasure to watch him grow right before my eyes.”
    Ed Piskor - NYT bestselling Hip Hop Family Tree, Brain Rot, Wizzywig

“McCloskey’s work subverts and skitters.  You think you’ve pegged him as a comic.  But
then you understand he’s challenging himself and his readers to stretch the limits of what
storytelling can do.”
    Yona Harvey –Hemming the Water

Praise for McCloskey’s hybrid novel A Film About Billy

“A Film About Billy is an honest, scary, and exciting prose/comics hybrid.”
    Jim Rugg -Supermag, Afrodisiac, Street Angel

“McCloskey has woven all possible emotions into this story in such a genuine way that each page feels like another day.  One moment hysterically happy and the next wrought with the unsavory, no part of the soul could really go untouched here.  It feels like all the possibilities are being offered up to us, including the big round moon, so we can see that none of it’s so bad after all.  With equal strength in word and drawing, inspiring and unexpected, A Film about Billy leaves you with a vivacity that only death can evoke.”
    The New Yinzer

“… an expressive drawing style that ranges from straightforward if edgy to … forays into horror and the surreal.”
    Pittsburgh City Paper

Praise For McCloskey’s comic series Top of the Line

“…Star Wars crossed with a Hunger Games-like dystopia, except with carnivorous, elephant-sized monsters and more humor than you might expect amidst the general darkness. The drawing style is jagged and explosive…”
    Pittsburgh City Paper

“Crazy stuff… Like manga morphing into art comics”
    Charles Forsman  -Oily Comics, EOTFW

“A lot of fun to read”
    Farel Dalrymple  -The Wrenchies, Pop Gun War